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Need a tunnel? Let us show you how fast and inexpensive our tunnels are, thanks to our disruptive boring technology. Applications include power lines, pipelines, telecommunications, and transportation.

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Community Solar

Want solar power for your home or building at a lower price?  Subscribe to one of the dozens of community solar gardens we are building, and we will connect you to our private power line network.


Wholesale Electricity

Are you a utility or large commercial / industrial energy user? Gain access to 2-4 cent / kWh wind and/or solar electricity through our private network. Or, purchase ancillary services, including energy storage.

IEEE Worldwide SuperGrid MjY1NDI4Mw

Imagine a worldwide Super-Grid

We intend to build a subterranean super-grid connecting cities to cheap renewable energy from rural solar and wind farms across North America. Then, we'll connect under the Atlantic to Europe and expand globally. The wind is always blowing & the sun is always shining somewhere. Let's use better tunnels to help power the world.

Envision Innovative Infrastructure

Let's face it: America's infrastructure is aging. So, let's we use our disruptive tunneling technology to create precise, lower-cost layouts of new cities, towns, and neighborhoods with centralized utilities. Red Gopher can help build transmission lines for water, heating & cooling, geothermal energy, and telecommunications.


Next Steps...

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