Need a tunnel?  Let us show you how fast and inexpensive our tunnels are, thanks to our disruptive technology.  For power lines, pipelines, Hyperloop, transportation, etc.

Community Solar

Want solar for your home or building at a discount below what you pay now?  Subscribe to one of the dozens of community solar gardens we are building and will connect to our private power line network.

Wholesale Electricity

Are you a utility, or large commercial / industrial energy user and want access to 2-4 cent / kWh wind and/or solar electricity through our private network?  Learn how.

Imagine a worldwide Super-Grid

Starting with North America, we intend to build a Super-Grid to connect cities with cheap, clean renewable energy from the best resource areas for wind, solar and other renewables.  Then, we'll connect under the Atlantic to Europe and expand from there.  The wind is always blowing & the sun is always shining somewhere.  Let's connect those best areas with HVDC lines and power the world.

No more Airport hassles!

Sick of airport delays, security searches and airline hassles & fees?  Us too!  Let's build a network of tunnels & lease them to Hyperloop operators to travel at 2-3x the speed of commercial airliners for $30-50 per trip or less.  Imagine traveling from San Francisco to NYC in an hour for $50 anytime you want to leave: no reservation, unlimited luggage, free WiFi, and never take off your shoes.

Next Steps...

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