Our Vision

Electricity costs are too high.  Wind & solar can generate power at 2-4 cents per kWh in sunny & windy locations, but that cheap energy has been stuck there.  Not anymore.  High voltage power lines (which no one wants in their back yard) can now go underground for about the same cost but without the 10-year delays that overhead power lines have to endure.

The wind is always blowing & the sun is always shining somewhere.  If we connect enough of these resources, baseload fossil fuel & nuclear power plants are no longer necessary.  From there, we can bore tunnels for Hyperloop operators to lease from us, disrupting not only fossil fuel generation but also the transportation industry.

Our Story

In 2013, our founders realized that clean energy was not growing fast enough to boost the world economy like it should - and the culprit was the glacially slow build-out of new transmission lines.  So we began working the problem with some of the best minds in Silicon Valley.  We discovered that a new technology application could disrupt both the energy & transportation industries simultaneously.  In 2017 we received 3rd party validation of our physics & calculations & began real world testing.  We launch on Earth Day 2018.

Meet the Team

Our team is growing quickly.  Here are some of our key principals.

Troy Helming

Founder, Inventor & Chairman

Tara Righetti

COO & Subsurface Real Estate Attorney

James Rector

Chief Geophysicist

Anita Motwani

Investor Relations Director

Jon Norling

General Counsel

Joshua Furnald

Real Estate Acquisition Director

Sergio Bruna

Consumer Marketing Director

George Zakk

Celebrities Director

Lane Sharman

Business Development Director

Sean Jazayeri

Senior Project Manager

Kenny Forrest

Senior Engineer

Jerry Caldwell

Senior Project Manager

Next Steps...

If you would like a tunnel for your application, let us know!  We have a non-binding Letter of Intent we can send you.