We can bore through hard rock at 1.03 km per day at a fraction of the cost of TBMs, assuming a 1-meter diameter.  Going underground requires far fewer Rights of Way approvals.

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Community Solar

With dozens of community solar gardens across our network, we can buy and sell clean solar energy to our members.

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Wholesale Electricity

Sell us energy from your renewable energy facility.  Buy energy from our network of clean energy projects we intend to connect.  Or buy wholesale electricity and ancillary services (including energy storage).

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Can Better Tunnels Change the World?

You bet.  The time of Cavemen is over: there's simply no need to dig stuff up from the ground to burn it any longer.  We can provide 24/7 clean renewable energy to the world if we simply connect our cities & best wind & solar resource areas with a modern network of HVDC lines.

From there, we'll connect our cities with Hyperloop vacuum tubes - underground & under oceans - to allow travel anywhere, anytime at more than double the speed & a fraction of the cost of airplanes.


Next Steps...

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